Experience Ventures Ltd was founded in 2021. It is the successor to Experience IT Limited which Gerard ran for almost 20 years.

Experience Ventures is an IT consultancy. Gerard has a very varied career and experience. At heart, he’s a software developer and techie with a strong accounting and commercial background. He’s not a bad communicator, writer, designer or project manager either. And his particular liking for business systems and accounting things has been a career highlight. Gerard likes numbers, especially ones that always add up correctly.

If you’ve a project – especially one with interesting challenges – Gerard might just be the kind of all-rounder you’re looking to work with. He’s adaptable, a quick learner, a good team player and generally likes to be thrown in at the deep end without too much guidance. He hasn’t drowned yet.

In the past decade there have been two key industry focuses for projects in which Gerard has been involved – Telecoms and Healthcare.

At the present time, Gerard’s principal client is NBI (National Broadband Ireland) for whom he has worked as senior business analyst on Business Process mapping and now data-mining of the customer operations roll-out to focus on improvements to the connection experience for customers.